Limited-Edition Gift Sets


These four gift sets come gift wrapped and are ready to ship to the honey lover on your list. Each set is valued from $23 to $25, but costs $20. If you wish to add a note to your gift, please write the message in the "notes" section on the check-out page and we will include it with your order. 

If you're sending gifts to multiple addresses, you'll have to go through the checkout process separately each time. Take a look at each set: 

- Honey + Dipper Set - Our tall 10 oz jar of Wildflower Honey and a hardwood dipper make the perfect duo for a traditional honey lover, while our 5 oz jar of Whipped Cinnamon Honey adds a little spice to the gift. The whipped honey is pure honey blended with organic Ceylon cinnamon and is lovely on peanut butter toast or stirred into coffee. Packed in a bee-stamped box, paper shreds and simple red cardinal tissue. 

- Lavender Lover's Set - It never occurred to us how much WE must like lavender until we put together this set! This gift includes a 5 oz jar of our Whipped Lavender Honey, which is lovely on cheese boards or stirred into herbal or green teas; three sachets of our own farm-grown lavender (because one is never enough); a tin of our lavender and rosemary infused Beeswax Rub; and a tube of our beeswax lip balm (which doesn't contain lavender, but will still be appreciated!). Packed in a bee-stamped box, paper shreds and lavender tissue. 

- Best-sellers Set - This is a collection of the items we find it hard to keep in stock. Our Mini Honey Sampler, our Honey Straws and our two beeswax products are always popular and appreciated. If you're not sure which gift to pick but know someone who just loves bees, or is really sweet, this is the one for you! Packed in a bee-stamped box, paper shreds and warm-toned botanical tissue. 

- Barrel-Aged Set - Our Barrel-Aged Honey deserves to be a set of its own, and we've tailored this gift to be a little more masculine. Since our Beeswax Rub was originally made for Jeff, head beekeeper here, it makes sense to include a tin in this gift. Of course the Beeswax Rub has evolved to take on a ton of different uses, including conditioning Jeff's leather boots and even a chopping block, so it can be the new all-purpose tool for someone you know too. And a tube of our beeswax lip balm is a must-have in every man's pocket. Packed in a bee-stamped box, paper shreds and woodsy holiday tissue. 


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