Beeswax Rub


Our Beeswax Rub was formulated by Laura as a cure for dry, chapped skin.

Originally called “skin salve,” she sold it at the farmers market for a few years and learned it was used for other things too. With unbleached beeswax, olive oil, shea butter and all-natural essential oils, this 2 oz. tin of ointment has become an all-purpose conditioner and protector for many things! Let us know how you use it; here are a few ideas, all from our customers:

 - moisturizing cuticles, elbows and other dry skin patches, especially in the winter

- enriching and protecting chopping blocks and wooden knife handles

- conditioning tanned leather belts, boots and gun holsters (you know you have one)

- taking the "squeak" out of a drawer

- to keep a Tennessee farmer's hands from cracking (see photo w/ dip, cash money and our Rub, all in the farmer's "inbox")

- after gardening for dry cracked hands

- for dreadlocks (not sure how that works, but would love to be educated)

- exploring in Antarctica (seriously)