Honey Pump


Sticky-counter days are over! Ever since we decided to package our raw, gourmet honey in glass we've felt the smirky glare of that uppity plastic honey bear laughing at us from store shelves. 

He said convenience is more important than quality, but now we can have both! Our new Honey Pump dispenses approximately one teaspoon of honey per pump and fits perfectly on our 10 oz jar

You'll have to make sure your honey doesn't crystallize (or heat it up a bit if it does), but other than that we think this is will add new convenience to our product. In addition, there will be less waste (and fewer spoons just sitting in the sink). 

PS: Please note that the Honey Pump only fits our 10 oz jar, because of how long it is. Also, the pump does NOT come with a jar of honey, but you can get it here!