Lavender Sachet


Our first lavender harvest was a huge success, with lots of nectar for our bees and lots of pretty blooms to see and smell. The lavender in these sachets is from our farm in Eagleville, Tenn., and smells lovely in a closet, a drawer, a car or even a backpack or gym bag. 

You can buy just one for $4 or try a set of three for $10, because we think you'll come up with at least three places to put them! Each 3x5-inch muslin bag is hand stamped with our classic, black honeybee print and filled with .3 oz of lavender. 

We put these plants in the ground in spring of 2018 (see photo of baby plants) and were amazed at the size they reached in their first year. Since harvesting, we lost a few plants due to excessive rain last year, since lavender does not like moisture, but we also started a new lavender plot with two different varieties.