Sweet deals!



Anyone who has ever handcrafted anything knows the deal: 

Not everything turns out like you want. A few jars were under-filled (we were *really* into a podcast that day), a label is crooked or our logo is smeared ... just little oops issues that don't compromise the integrity of the product but DO make us feel like a discount is in order. 

So this is a new page where you can shop our mistakes and/or things we just want to rotate out of our farm shop in Eagleville.

We'll post simple iPhone pics of each item or link to more info, since there are limited amounts of each item. Please see the drop down menu for pricing.  

Raw Beeswax - Beeswax is a byproduct after we harvest honey, as we have to cut the "caps" off the comb to get the honey out. We then melt the beeswax down, lightly strain it and pour it into random molds to harden. This beeswax is considered raw and may have some bits of pollen or dirt in it. The shape may or may not be like the picture you see here. There is nothing added to the beeswax. We sell it by the pound (while it won't be *exactly* a pound, it will never be under 16 ounces, more like an ounce or two over). 

- Beekeeping tips/Honeyhouse t-shirts - Oh the shame. We deliberated for weeks over these "Beekeeping Tips," then didn't notice a typo in the word "queen" until they were printed and paid for. Most people won't notice it, and it's still a pretty cool shirt, so we're offering them here for $10 (vs $20 in our farm shop). Grey is 50/50 cotton polyester blend; pink is 100 percent cotton. Our Honey House logo is bigger on the grey one (see photo). Sizes and colors are in the drop-down menu. If you don't see a size, it is sold out.