Barrel-Aged Honey


It's finally back!!

Two Tennessee traditions steeped in heritage, beekeeping and bourbon, meet when raw honey ages in a charred oak barrel that's been soaked in bourbon by a legendary Nashville Distillery. 

Use this rich, smokey honey in hot teas and toddies, drizzled on homemade biscuits or as a secret ingredient in a glaze or backyard grilling sauce. 

Our glass bottle contains 10 oz of 100 percent pure, raw honey; it does not contain alcohol.

Every batch is a little different, so honey may be darker or lighter than it appears in the photo. 


We get the barrels in which we age our honey from Nelson's Greenbrier Distillery a few times a year, then return the barrels soaked in honey. The barrels are then used for Belle Meade Bourbon's Honey Cask Finish product. Learn about our partnership with Nelson's Green Brier Distillery and the Craftsman Cask Collection here. This partnership has resulted in one of the most sought-after products of the niche bourbon-collecting world and sells out by a lottery system each year. 


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