Here are our current vintages.

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Current vintages:

Tennessee Spring: Our spring harvest is always the most unpredictable. Depending on early spring rainfall and temperatures, the bees may forage, for example, lots of fruit trees and less blackberry and blueberry, or vice-versa. The 2015 vintage (almost gone) is floral and light in taste, with berry undertones and almost no aftertaste. It's delicious with tea, especially green tea, and plays well with yogurt and goat cheese. It's also easy on the eyes, very light and pretty.  

Wildflower Summer: This is the condensed, ephemeral taste of hot, country pastures and plains, full of clover, thistle, dandelion and privet nectars, and, of course, magnolia pollen. Did we mention clover? This variety jumps onto the tongue with a bold, clean taste (that’s the clover for you), then finishes with a tang. Pair this one with coffee on a cool morning, or a tangy bleu cheese. 

Coastal Spring: This honey was made mostly from the gallberry bush, a scrubby, coastal plant that's part of the holly family. It's a prolific nectar source which honeybees love, found along the southern Atlantic and Gulf coasts. This honey is a tribute to the salty survivor, like a lot of us Southerners — maybe not much to look at, but worth our weight in sweetness. 

Tennessee Snow whipped honey:  This honey is a tribute to our sense of place. While we’re not from Nashville, we love it here. We’d love it more with a little bit of snow in the winter … so we just made our own. Our creamed honey (also called spun honey or whipped honey) is perfect as an all-natural topping on cinnamon rolls, toast and even stirred into tea.