> New shipping rates boost beeswax sales February 05 2019

We usually see a small jump in beeswax lip balm sales after the holidays.

We could do some fancy analysis as we take over the world one pair of lips at a time, but we like to think that folks received it for Christmas, love it, and want to stock up. 

That said, we've never seen a bump in beeswax product sales like we did in January, and we think it's due to adding new shipping rates. Instead of the only options being UPS Ground or USPS Priority, we now have "USPS First-Class Package Service," which applies to packages under 1 pound. 

So, rather than a bunch of abandoned online carts after shoppers realize shipping will cost more than the product, we're seeing a huge spike in sales of our all-natural beeswax lip balm and Beeswax Rub

Rates for this shipping category typically run under $6, even all the way across the country. For example, Cassidy in Huntsville, Ala., paid $5.24 to ship a handful of lip balms, while Sheryl all the way in Spokane, Wash., paid $5.53 for the exact same order.

It may take a couple more days than USPS Priority, but at least you have something to look forward to.