> Things have a way of working out January 04 2021

Just when we thought we had ridden out the worst of the pandemic's effects on our business, we've been hit with supply-chain problems. 

Now, we have nothing to complain about. After a dismal spring and summer, our fourth quarter (holiday) sales were amazing, breathing life and hope back into the sustainability sails of our small family business. 

But as product moved from our shelves to our customers, we weren't able to replenish our jars and lids! We have plenty of honey left, but there seems to be a problem with containers. Our USA-made metal lids, which we usually could order and have in less than a week, are taking months to procure. We also have heard that candle makers who use glass jars are running into similar problems. 

We are looking into some packaging changes to keep our honey "flowing," so to speak, and our current solution is our Dripless 1-pound Squeeze Bottle. We originally bought these to keep a Nashville-based biscuit chain supplied with a less-sticky way to serve our honey at its coffee station, but when they closed we were left with a few hundred of the bottles. 

We have brought them into our inventory for a limited time, so if you've ever wanted to either buy a larger jar from us or have a quick way to make that peanut-butter-and-honey sandwich, this is the product for you! 

You can buy it here or at our farm shop, The Honey House, in Eagleville. Three of our retailers also are carrying this bottle, The Country Gourmet in Murfreesboro, The Coffeehouse @ Second & Bridge in downtown Franklin and Hendersonville Produce Place in Hendersonville. 

Stay tuned for our next big packaging announcement this month ... it's also a return to the past, but in a different way!