> Snow in August August 10 2015



Can it snow in the South during the summer? Well, it kinda just did.

Usually, our Tennessee Snow whipped honey is a seasonal item, since it doesn't hold up well in cold temps.

However, we've made a special batch in celebration of being number one on Food & Wine magazine's "Editors' Top 10" list (August 2015 issue).   

F&W staffer Julia Heffelfinger described our honey, saying, "This is so creamy, I'd spread it on a biscuit instead of butter." 

We use this honey, which is also known as "spun" or "creamed" honey, on anything that calls for a spreadable topping, including biscuits, toast, cinnamon rolls and peanut-butter-and-honey sandwiches. (Try it with something from Nashville-based Nut Butter Nation, like the Brown Sugar Cinnamon Peanut Butter.) 

It also can be stirred into tea and coffee — or, of course, eaten straight out of the jar. 

Since you're on our website, you know you can buy it here, but if we're out try one of our retailers, including Savory Spice Shop in Franklin, Tenn.; or The Produce Place and Anderson Design Company, both in Nashville. This time of year, it's only in local shops where we can be sure it arrives safely and remains in an air conditioned environment.