> Cherry-flavored lip balm NOT in the works September 25 2019

I always have loved lip balm. As a child my lips were always chapped, so Mom gave me cherry-flavored, Chapstick-brand lip balm.

Unfortunately, it never worked for me. 

You see, I also love artificial cherry flavoring, from cough drops to Tootsie Pops. 

So, I ate the Chapstick. Mom would look at my lips, ask why I wasn't using the Chapstick, then see little teeth marks in the wax. She started buying the kind in the black tube. 

As a teenager and young adult my lips weren't chapped as often, but I also moved away from cherry flavors to all-natural lip products. And lots of them! I've always had a lip balm melting in the car, uncapped on the bathroom counter ready for action, laying low in my purse, you know. 

When Jeff and I started keeping bees, making my own beeswax lip balm (and having an endless supply), was the most wonderful opportunity in the world. Our kitchen counter was dotted with empty contact lens cases, which is what I used for my test batches. 

I perfected my recipe right when I became frustrated with my go-to brand of beeswax lip balm, which had become too dense and waxy for me. It wasn't smooth enough, and sometimes it sort of pulled at my lips when I was applying it, like a plane making a rough landing. It also seemed to have a lot of ingredients. 

My five-ingredient recipe is just unbleached beeswax, sweet almond oil, peppermint essential oil (gives it a nice zing, but I don't feel the need to eat it), rosemary extract and Vitamin E. The last two ingredients are just natural preservatives, to give the almond oil a longer shelf life. 

We sell our beeswax lip balm at select shops all over the country now, but its biggest fans seem to be here in the Nashville area. It makes my day when people tell me it's their favorite, or when they stock up at the Porter Flea markets, take pics of it in Paris (shout out to Melanie at Prohibition Popcorn) or order a dozen for stocking stuffers during the holidays. 

If you need to stock up, we have a sale going on through the end of October. Discount code "purebeeswax" is good for 20 percent off both of our beeswax products (yes, there are only two).

Thank you for your support of our products — and for never asking for a cherry flavor.