> Honey Cough Syrup saves the night March 07 2016

Since two members of the hive recently came down with a bout of "walking pneumonia," we've had experience with some serious coughing. 

While not a cure-all, and certainly not a substitute for medical advice if you're as sick as we were, we've found relief in the National Honey Board's "Tahitian Honey Cough Syrup." Here's our version of the recipe: 

Honey Cough Syrup
1 cup honey
2-4 sprigs of fresh mint leaves (or more, to taste) 
6-8 limes (enough for 1/2 cup juice)

Wash mint and limes. In small saucepan, warm honey for 4 minutes (don't boil). Add mint to the warming honey. Let the honey cool with the mint in it. Add lime juice and stir. Strain to remove mint leaves and any lime seeds. Store in a clean jar for 5-7 days in the refrigerator.

This is a wonderful throat soother by the spoonful, or you may add it to cool water or warm tea. Put a couple of spoonfuls in your water bottle if you're about to speak or sing in public. Another option is "coughsicles," which you can make by mixing 1/2 cup honey syrup with 1.5 cups water and freezing in molds, ice cube trays or a small container.