> From rum, to gin, to honey September 09 2015

An oak barrel that's been around

The thing about the folks at Corsair Distillery is they're not afraid to experiment. 

So, having heard of our Barrel-Aged Honey, they kindly handed us one of their used, still-wet barrels and said, "Put some honey in it and let's see what happens." 

The oak barrel's first incarnation was as a vessel for Corsair's spiced rum. Then they did a barrel-aged gin the same barrel. And that's when we got the barrel. It was still dripping with moisture and gin, the wood swollen tight, so we loaded it with our 2014 Wildflower Summer vintage and let it sit. 

While this is all very exciting, the truth is we forgot about it. Spring and heavy beekeeping came around, and what was happening in that Corsair barrel was the last thing on our minds. 

Just imagine our delight when we remembered it a few months later and tasted it. Wow! The wheels were turning with cocktail ideas, which teas to stir it into and, well, just how much could fit on a spoon. 

This limited-edition Corsair-Barrel-Aged-Honey is lighter and more spicy than our original Barrel-Aged Honey, which is aged in oak barrels from a whiskey distiller. Corsair launched the honey at September's 3st of the Month and used the honey in a Bees Knees cocktail. 

You can buy this honey only at Corsair in Nashville or from us on September 12 at either the Made In Nashville festival or the Southern Artisan Cheese Festival. We only have a few cases left of this delicious collaboration, and when it's gone it's gone. 



> Call it what you will. April 26 2013

Honey mojito. Derby drink. Honeybee cocktail.

No matter what you call it, it's time for hats, races, drinks, wicker chairs and front porches. (If you're like us, the creaking wicker chairs on the porch dare you to see if they can make it   one more year.)

With the upcoming Iroquois Steeplechase on May 11 here in the outskirts of Nashville, we're reminded of a fun, easy drink that can be made  one at a time or in a pitcher. 

Here's the recipe:

1 oz TruBee Honey simple syrup*

1 oz fresh squeezed lime juice

2 to 3 fresh mint leaves

1-1/2 oz light rum

4 oz soda water

Mix honey simple syrup, mint leaves and a splash of soda water in a glass. Use muddler or spoon to lightly press mint leaves and blend the flavors. Squeeze two halves of lime into the glass, leaving one in the mixture. Add rum, stir and fill glass with ice. Top with soda water, garnish with mint … put on your hat and place your bets. 

*Honey simple syrup:  Four parts TruBee Honey to 1 part hot water in a saucepan. Heat gently and simmer until honey is dissolved. Store in a glass jar or other container at room temperature.