Tennessee Snow Whipped Honey


Also called "creamed honey" or "spun honey," our Tennessee Snow honey is pure honey that's been whipped to a spreadable texture. 

The color of the product changes a little, since it's whiter with a light honey, but the taste is always sweet and addictive. Use it on toast, biscuits or cinnamon rolls. We love it for peanut-butter-and-honey sandwiches, so there's no drippy mess. This honey also can be stirred into hot drinks. 

This popular product was No. 1 on the Editors' Top 10 list in Food & Wine magazine's August 2015 issue. Editor Julia Heffelfinger said, "This is so creamy, I'd spread it on a biscuit instead of butter." 

We also have a new cinnamon version of our popular creamed honey! The only difference is we add pure, organic "true" Ceylon cinnamon. The texture is the same, only it has a bright, energizing cinnamon kick.  

Please note: this product is currently not available for shipping due to extreme temperatures in the Middle Tennessee area and across the country. Whipped honey cannot withstand extreme heat or direct sunlight, and we want your honey to arrive in perfect condition! Please check back later in the year or find a retailer near you on our "where to buy" page.  



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